Print Management Solutions

Print Management

Track, analyze, allocate and recover the cost of every document sent to any network print device. 

Output Management

Copying and printing are controlled by your own pre-determined print policies which encourage and enforce relevant access and use of your device fleet.

Device, Service, and Supply Management

Increase efficiency, and achieve high productivity of all print devices through real-time fleet monitoring. Monitor all devices on your network to manage consumables and device errors. Systemized management of toners on all devices on the network to receive automated toner low and empty notifications ensuring optimized scheduling of deliveries.

Cost Recovery

A complete expense management solution that allows your organization to effectively automate cost recovery and expense management processes.

User and Security Solutions

Prevent confidential information being left unattended. Our document release solution holds documents in a secure server and outputs them only when users authenticate themselves at the selected print device.

What Is Print Management

WASP is the accredited HP Managed Print Services (MPS) partner in Ghana.

We will welcome the opportunity to manage your Managed Print Services program for you.

Partner with WASP and HP to get reliable supplies and services delivery. We will help you reduce costs and free up your time


Multifunction printers (MFPs), copiers, scanners, and fax machines are vitally important to most organizations. But managing these devices can be complicated, time consuming, and costly. What if you could manage, optimize, and improve your print environment, and help save money at the same time? Our solutions team are experts in managing documents as well as print devices.

With our Managed Print Services program, we are helping businesses achieve more in their print environment. Our tailored printing service can help manage and optimize your printers and copiers, as well as improve business processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business.

With our Managed Print Services, you will…

Experience world-class service and real cost savings

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) program coupled with HP services and supplies offers world-class print management— removing the headaches and helping you realize significant cost savings. In fact, studies show organizations that implement Managed Print Services (MPS) reduce their printing costs by an average of 30 percent! Our team of solutions experts, combined with our processes and the HP technologies, make all the difference: from the assessment and proposal phase, to setup and maintenance, reporting and reviews, ongoing optimization efforts, and document workflow solutions.

Keep your print fleet up and running— without the hassles

We offer fast response times and service you can depend on. HP Authorized Service Technicians are empowered with the tools, information, and parts they need to fix most problems on the very first visit.

See the business benefits of strategic print management

Implementing a Managed Print Services (MPS) program means more than just making sure your printers and copiers work properly. By gaining control of your printing environment, and capitalizing on improved document workflow processes, you can address key business priorities.

How It Works

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) program offers a technology-based, results -oriented approach to managing your print environment.

Observe and analyze

During the initial assessment of your print environment, we will gather relevant information from all of your devices. We will collaborate with you to define and understand your future goals and ensure they are included in our proposed plans—ultimately creating a print strategy for your organization. Following our detailed analysis, we will provide recommendations for managing your print environment, optimizing devices and locations, and improving business process workflows. With the insight we gain during this process, we can make recommendations to help you make the best use of devices, so you can control costs and improve productivity.

Setup and training

As part of the transition process, we'll help you set up new devices, retire old ones, and implement new software solutions. Plus, we'll work with you to clearly communicate new processes or device changes to key stakeholders and end users to provide a successful transition.

Service Support

Whether it’s a simple paper jam, or a more complex maintenance procedure. Users can submit a service request directly us.

Our technicians arrive onsite quickly, and the majority of the time, they’re able to repair the device on their very first visit.

With our Managed Print Services (MPS), you’ll no longer have to worry about storing, managing, or replacing printing supplies. Our service includes supplies replenishment and inventory management.

Manage and report

We provide a detailed report on your actual device usage and offer advice for getting the most value out of your printers and copiers.

Optimize infrastructure

We offer a detailed assessment of your print processes and business process workflows. Our optimization experts will analyze your workflow processes and propose solutions to help your business operate at peak efficiency. We help you achieve a balance between your total cost of printing and the needs of your users—so employees stay productive.

Improve document workflow

Most of the print associated costs are in end-user time, and in the flow of documents within organizations, and between organizations and their customers. By transforming paper-based and digital processes to accelerate your business, you can reduce printing costs and increase office productivity.