Device as a service

Whether it’s deploying new technology, securing and managing devices with different operating systems, or keeping software up to date, IT managers have more work than they can do. Often, as resources become strained, the amount of downtime for end users grows longer.

The Proactive Management capabilities of HP Device as a Service provide predictive analytics and device insights. Analytics help you boost productivity and optimize uptime for devices. Reports, incident tracking, and a consolidated cloud-based dashboard help you track hardware and software inventory and monitor device health.1

If you are short on IT resources, you can leave the securing, monitoring, and management of your multi-OS devices in the capable hands of our specialized HP Service Experts, who use HP TechPulse and industry-leading technology to help proactively anticipate problems and fix them before they occur—freeing up your IT staff to focus on other priorities. You can offload as little or as much of your device management as you would like.

Whether you choose a self-managed or HP managed DaaS plan, you get the benefits of Proactive Management with TechPulse.

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