Digital Transformation Model - Phase 1

Where are you on the digital journey?

Digitize Documents

Eliminating paper is the focus of Phase 1 of the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model.

Moving from Paper to Digital Information

Your organization is in Phase 1 of the Digital Transformation Model if you continue to struggle with

paper documents. Paper documents are scattered, disorganized, not properly secured, and difficult to find.

You will probably be dealing with the following pain points:

Phase 1 - Pain Points

As an organization, you need to gain control of the chaos in your file room. If you’ve already solved these problems, you can move to Phase 2: Organize.

Laying the Foundation for Transformation: Phase 1 in Action

In addition to shipping and storage savings, digital backup files are now available in case of natural disaster. Electronic storage also made information much easier to find for day- to-day needs.

Once you have tackled Phase 1, your organization will realize the following benefits:

Phase 1 - Benefits