Digital Transformation Model - Phase 3

Where are you on the digital journey?

Automate Processes

Eliminating InefficientProcesses

You may be relying on inefficient, unstandardized manual processes that waste time and resources. In this phase, you will automate manual processes and tasks to increase efficiency, standardize your processes, and reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

If you are in Phase 3 of your journey, even though you have digitized your documents, you are still experiencing the following side effects of manual processes:

Phase 3 - Pain Points

If any of these issues describe your organization, you are ready for Phase 3 of your journey. If you have already solved these problems, you can move to Phase 4: Streamline.

Moving towards Consistency and Clarity: Phase 3 in Action

At the conclusion of Phase 3, you will see the following benefits:

Phase 3 - Benefits