Automation is an excellent place to start for organizations as the world continues to undergo a digital transformation if they are unsure of where to start. Implementing automation technologies enables you to streamline corporate operations, increasing productivity and efficiency while also having a transformative effect on the organization. Such change can serve as a launchpad for a more comprehensive digital strategy.

Process automation and the automation of routine activities are just two of the many facets of automation. Adopting this kind of automation will help your company decrease pain points, spur real change, and enhance performance in various ways.


The Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model is the perfect roadmap to help your organization develop into an efficient, digital workplace. From digitizing documents to transforming processes using predictive analytics, it provides a progressive framework for helping your organization embrace the benefits of workplace technology. WASP Digital has skilled solution expert to help you digitize and automate your processes unique to you.


  •   Document management
  •   Image-processing applications
  •   Workflow/business process management
  •   Records management
  •   Web content management
  •   Advanced Document Security
  •   Public Access Platform
  •   Laserfiche Mobile
  •   Laserfiche Discussions
  •   Payment Gateway


SigningHub is a comprehensive digital signature solution, which can quickly optimize the way businesses deliver, review, approve and sign their business documents. Our system allows for immediate Client access to important documents regardless of geographical proximity while minimize the risk of fraud, electronic forgeries, and message repudiation.


  •   Sign Documents(word/pdf) electronically
  •   Provides audit trail
  •   Strong Authentication
  •   Integration: SharePoint, CRM, Office, Outlook and plug-in apps
  •   Secure Encrypted Signature to make it valid in court.
  •   Storage of signed documents
  •   Add multiple signers
  •   Mobile app
  •   Personalized/Company branding
  •   Workflow
  • Certification & Time Stamping